Bean's Macbeth Moves in at Albery???

Last Update: 07 July 2002

Source: What's on Stage

Bean's Macbeth Moves in at Albery???
6th June 2002

Edward Hall's much-anticipated production of Shakespeare's Macbeth, starring Sean Bean in the title role, looks likely to set down in the West End in November, most probably at the Albery Theatre. Exact dates are yet to be confirmed, and will depend largely on Bean's schedule and film commitments, but the production is likely to have a limited 10 to 12-week season, continuing throughout the
Christmas period until the end of January 2003. As previously announced in the News (5 Apr 02), Macbeth will play first in Milton Keynes (16 to 26 October) and Richmond (28 October to 2 November) before transferring to the West End. While best known for his TV and film roles in the likes of Patriot Games, Golden Eye, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Bravo Two Zero and the many Sharpe series, Bean made his professional debut onstage, at Glasgow's Citizens' Theatre. The Shakespeare tragedy will mark his first stage appearance in 12 years.

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