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Last Update: 27 November 2002

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Advertising expert Chris Hayward,of London-based Zenith Media, says:

"Attracting all those big British names is a huge coup, but they have come at a price... Sean's worth a lot because he's not often seen in ads and has an overtly sexual quality - the women love him!"
(from the Sunday Mirror,
17 November 2002)

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Marks & Spencer unveiled its new television advertisement, featuring eight celebrities, on 05 November, 2002. The 40 second advert, made by Marks & Spencer's creative agency, Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R, centres around the theme of "Magic & Sparkle", which was first created for Christmas 2001, and gives a taste of the wide selection of Christmas gifts and ideas available in store. The advert had its first public screening on national television on Friday, 08 November and will run up until Christmas Eve.

Roger Holmes, Chief Executive, Marks & Spencer, said, "The television advert is central to the Marks & Spencer Christmas campaign, which kicks off today with the roll-out of our dedicated Christmas shops into all stores. 'Magic and Sparkle' was our most successful campaign ever and the new advert continues to build on it, intrinsically linking Marks & Spencer with Christmas in the mind of our customers. It has real customer resonance, achieving a very high level of awareness and is now fully established as a Marks & Spencer property."

The advert opens with a miniaturised Denise Van Outen dressed as a Christmas Fairy perched on a wrapped present, swinging her wand thoughtfully. She asks, "What makes Christmas magic? Hands up!". Then, in a series of humorous vignettes, each celebrity in turn explains what makes Christmas magic for them. First is Ronnie Barker, followed by star of Cold Feet, Hermione Norris, Joan Collins, Graham Norton, David Beckham, Cat Deeley and Sean Bean. Each scene features some of the clothing, gift and food products available at Marks & Spencer this Christmas.

Sean appears with a small package, dangling from a ribbon around his finger, and offers, with a cheekily raised eyebrow: "Men bearing gifts."

Each participant was paid £100,000 for their contribution to the £5 million campaign, which is the most risqué Marks & Spencer has ever run.

The final shot returns to Denise Van Outen who repeats her question and waves her wand. The Marks & Spencer logo appears then fades out to the words "Magic & Sparkle", beneath which is the strap line, "Exclusively for Everyone."

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Trivia: During the mid-1970's, Sean worked at a Marks & Spencer store in Sheffield. He was a porter, transporting cheeses from the shop's basement to its deli.


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