Public Enemy Number One (Kenny Noye)

Last Update: 05 November 2000

On 06 September 1998, the Sunday Mirror carried the following story:

Sean Bean lined up to play road rage suspect in £3million thriller

A £3million TV film is to be made about road rage murder suspect Kenny Noye. As the 51-year-old was remanded to a Spanish jail this week, bosses at Granada TV were putting the finishing touches to the deal.

Actor Sean Bean has already been approached to play Noye in the two-hour film, Public Enemy Number One.

And John Thaw, alias Inspector Morse, will be asked to play the police chief on the fugitive's trail.

If Noye is extradited to the UK, the film will not be shown until the end of any legal proceedings arising from the death of Stephen Cameron, who died in the road rage attack.

But if Noye remains in Spain, the controversial programme could be screened by the end of the year.

A source close to the project says: "Noye's arrest was a fantastic break - it meant there was an end to this incredible story. The arrest gave the film the green light."

"Granada know the public are mesmerised by the Noye story. The film will be a fascinating account of the man's life."

The film is the brainchild of producer Jeff Pope and the screenplay will be written by Terry Windsor. The two previously wrote, directed and produced Fool's Gold, the televised story of the Brink's Mat robbery.

Heart-throb Sean Bean, who played villain Micky McAvoy in Fool's Gold, is understood to have been approached by Granada last week. If he refuses, insiders say the role could be offered to Sean Pertwee, actor son of the late Jon Pertwee.

Pope and Windsor are hoping to get Noye's co-operation in the film.

A source close to them said: "The plan is to go and see Noye himself and sign him up. The project will go ahead regardless but they would rather have Noye on board."

"The film will depict all his life - they want to interview his wife Brenda as well."

Granada have also signed a six-figure book deal with author Wensley Clarkson, who has written an unofficial biography.

The continued interest in Noye's life is of great annoyance to Kent Police. A spokesman said yesterday: "If the film is not going to be shown until after the trial then that is a matter for them - as long as no-one does anything prejudicial to the case."

"Our concern has always been to protect any possible future legal procedures."

Kent Police are also unhappy with their Spanish counterparts.

Det Supt Nick Biddiss is said to be outraged that a police chief in Cadiz revealed how Cameron's girlffriend Danielle Cable had flown to Spain to help identify Noye.

Update: 17 December 1998

So far there has been no further word on the fate of this project. However Jeff Pope, Terry Winsor and Granada Films did team up to create Essex Boys, starring Sean Bean and set to be released in early 2000.

Some interesting related trivia: in real life, Noye served eight years in jail for his part in the Brink's-Mat gold bullion robbery at London's Heathrow airport in 1983 (the robbery upon which the film Fool's Gold was based). He was tried but acquitted of charges of stabbing an undercover detective investigating the case. He was released from jail in 1994.

Update: 17 June 2000

The Mirror (UK) carried the following story in their 17 June 2000 issue:


THE father of road rage victim Stephen Cameron has accused a TV company of "glorifying" killer Kenneth Noye by making a documentary about his life. Ken Cameron, 53, criticised Granada for buying rights to a book about him, saying: "It's sordid and we have no idea why any TV company would do it."

Granada said: "There will be no glamorisation of Noye. That's not our intention."

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