Sean is Penelope Keith's Son

Last Update: 7 February 1998

This rumour first saw the light of day in a newsgroup in 1996. Someone posted that they'd read in Vanity Fair that Sean Bean was Penelope Keith's son.

Someone else quickly corrected the error with information taken from The Compleat's SB Biography page.

Here is the text of that posting:


Subject: Re: on Sibs/Progeny updates
From: (billie)
Date: 1996/01/10
Message-ID: <4d225e$>
Newsgroups: alt.movies.branagh-thmpsn,
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"M.S. Burton" <> wrote:

From: Susan Keeping
Don't forget: Sean Bean is Penelope Keith's son.

hmm, hadn't heard this before! I believe that Keith is pretty well known for her decision not to have children; something she's talked about in interviews--she's married to someone named Timson. This is what I found for Bean:

Sean was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England on April 17, 1959. His parents are Brian and Rita; he has a younger sister, Lorraine.

Oh well, I read it in Vanity Fair. I guess you can't believe everything you read.


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