Last Update: 02 December 2002
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A woman investigates the long-ago and mysterious murder of her father during the '60s and is confronted by the startling truth of his not-so-clean past.

Polyesterday is a Canada-UK co-production. It had a projected budget of US$7,000,000.00, however the project was cancelled before Sean could film any of his scenes in London in November 2002.

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Principal Characters

Jonny Lee Miller  
Radha Mitchell  
Sean Bean  
Peter Fonda  
Tom Hardy  
Diana Rigs    
Rachael Stirling    
David Hemmings    
Udo Kier    

Production Credits


Production Company

  Milagro Films (Montreal)



Written by


Directed by

  Carole Giacobbi

Casting Director


Release Date



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