Punters (aka Joey and Spansky)

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Punters is a comedy play set in South Yorkshire in 1978, where two young school leavers try their luck at the race track and pick winners.

 Joey (Mick Ward) is uncomplicated extrovert. He wants money, sex and freedom (not necessarily in that order) and is doing well on all three fronts.

Spansky (Tom Davidson) is a bookish lad who has left school for a job as a groundsman at an ancient monument. By studying form and placing surreptitious bets, he has maintained a winning streak that has laid a nice fat bankroll under his pillow. Reluctantly, he agrees to go into a betting partnership with his old mate, Joey.

Horseracing for Joey is just a cash flow problem: easy come, easy go, boom or bust flutters. Spansky, on the other hand, talks of racing as a thing of "Glory and grandeur, not just a betting opportunity." The betting for him is something else -- applied mathematics.

Punters is an intricate and fascinating portrait of a gambler -- not showing an old failure who cannot stop backing horses -- but a young success who does stop (much to the fury of his uncomprehending friend).

The Epilogue finds Joey as a family man amiably enjoying his wife's earnings and Spansky as an earnest university maths student.

Sean can be spotted in a scene that takes place in a disco. He has several lines.





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Filmed in Doncaster, production began on 05 February 1984 and ended on 01 March 1984.


Mick Ward
Tom Davidson
Sean Bean
Lesley Clare O'Neill
Janet Dale
Dorothy Vernon
Marie Wilson
Tim Barker
Julie Shipley
Margarett Francis
Peter Howitt
Johnny Allan
Tony Capstick



Produced by

Comedy/TV Film


Andrée Molyneaux

Directed by
Written by

Chris Menaul
Stephen Wakelam

Running Time

27 November 1984
70 minutes


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