Aumicron Shatterstar

Last Update: 01 January 2001

This is an unproduced film, part of a film-development exercise. The story and script reside at the following website:

Title: Aumicron: Shatterstar

Tagline: "It must be found."

Genre: Sci-Fi

Released: June 16th, 2000

Director: Ridley Scott

Players: Brendan Fraser, Carrie-Anne Moss, Lindsay Lohan, Sean Young, Nia Long, James Caviezel, Sean Bean, Tchéky Karyo, Vin Diesel, Oded Fehr

Title Song: "Shatterstar" preformed by Sisqo

Story: C.S. Wood

Synopsis: Set in 2183, an alien civilization under military occupation manages to get a distress call out beyond their star system. Earth's faction, Aumicron, intercepts the message and dispatches starships to liberate the slaves, which launches them headlong into a battle they can't possibly win. Only by finding a mysterious being known as the 'Shatterstar' can they free the slaves and themselves from the ruthless alien military.

Sean's character is "Dormon". Part of the Gainnian species (like Char), Dormon is the leader of a small band of resistance fighters that seek to reclaim their freedom from a conquerors race known as "The Sistrun".

This script is rated PG-13. It contains Violence and Mild Language.


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