Man and Boy

Last Update: 12 November 2000

Sean's name was associated with this potential project in March 2000:

The Evening Standard (17 March 2000) (UK) carried the following story about British broadcaster and writer Tony Parsons on its Londoner's Diary page.

Full of Beans

Apart from putting the boot into Jane Root, controller of BBC2, for her savage carve up of the Late Review, Tony Parsons was full of beans at Waterstone's Piccadilly last night. Basking in the glory of having a number three best seller with his novel 'Man and Boy', a book which has reduced men as hard as Jeremy Paxman to tears no less, he mused on the casting of his protagonist Harry.

"I think Sean Bean would be good. I met him the other day, the girls obviously love him. Otherwise Ewan McGregor. It's traditional to choose an actor who is more good looking than you, isn't it?"

The Daily Mirror, 21 March 2000 (Matthew Wright's column) carried the following story:


MY FELLOW columnist Tony Parsons' acclaimed novel Man And Boy is to be turned into a major TV series.

The BBC have bought the rights to the book, currently at number three in the best-seller list.

They hope to start filming the series later this year.

It is the story of Harry Silver, left to bring up his son alone when his wife walks out after discovering he's been unfaithful.

An insider tells me: "The BBC snapped it up because it is a great story which will translate well into television.

"They hope to sign a big name to take the lead role and are scouting for a young actor to play Harry's son."

The Guardian (Books Unlimited) carried a transcript of an online chat with Tony Parsons on 03 April 2000. Sean's name pops up again during the session:

TP: I have sold Man And Boy to the BBC, where it will be a 2-part series, directed by Simon Curtis, who did that incredible adaption of David Copperfield at Christmas - naturally I always wanted to sell Man And Boy to film or TV, but when you are truly immersed in a book, those thoughts sort of go out the window - you're just too concentrated on getting the book right. As for television's Harry - it has to be Sean Bean, doesn't it? Sean Bean, Sean Bean, Sean Bean - I met him recently, and women seem to like him a lot.In fact, the only other heart throb of that magnitude I have ever met is Tom Paulin. But Tom doesn't have an Equity card...

The full interview can be found at :,6000,155424,00.html

Update 05 November 2000: There has been no further news on either the project or the casting.

Update 13 November 2000: Tony Parsons writes in the Mirror that the BBC will be turning his novel Man and Boy into a tv series next year. The series is to be directed by Simon Curtis.

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