Last Update: 10 Nov 2006
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First mention: 03 July 2004
is a children's novel which was originally self-published
by its author, G.P. Taylor, a former punk rock promoter-turned-policeman-
turned-vicar. Taylor wrote the 18th-century ghost story about three
children's battle against an evil vicar out to control the world, who
has the ability to enlist the dead as his forces. He sold copies of the
novel to his congregation. One of the members of the congregation
had connections to a large book publishing firm in London, which saw the
potential sales possibilities, and reprinted the book.
The novel itself is a strongly-themed Christian allegory about the
battle between good and evil.
The novel has been optioned to a US company called Fortitude Films,
which bought the rights to develop a movie from a script which has
yet to be written.
As per the standard option agreement, this could take up to two years.
Sean's name has been mentioned in connection with this potential film
because the author, who is from Yorkshire, had Sean in mind when he
created one of the characters in the novel, smuggler Jacob Crane.
Fortitude Films, the production company which optioned the screen rights,
was created by financier Steve Delaportas, and Lisa Marie Butkiewicz,
who is a Leader on a Christian website devoted to Mel Gibson's The
Passion of the Christ.
Here are some press stories about Shadowmancer which will give you
some additional information about the book and possible film:
Variety - 'Shadow' into light - 29 March 2004
BBC - Vicar clinches £2.5m movie deal - 26 March 2004
The Guardian - The Good Book - 24 July 2003
Yorkshire Post - 27 March 2004
The Times - Vicar wins a healthy £2.2m film deal - 29 March 2004
Yorkshire Today - Shadowmancer may put Whitby on movie map - 30 June 2004
Variety - Pic tyros dig 'Wormwood' - 23 June 2004
Update: 10 November 2006:
A November 10 article in the Scottish Daily Record
mentions that the script (now in the hands of Universal Pictures) is being read
by Johnny Depp. The book's author, Graham Taylor, again mentions that
Sean "has been approached" to play Jacob Crane.
This will remain a rumour unless / until a press release or official sources
indicate Sean has actually been cast as Jacob Crane.


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