On Playing Jimmy Muir....

"It was a great feeling to be actually pulling on the strip of Sheffield United. If it had been another club it wouldn't have been the same. But the 'Blades' - what can I say!

"Like many kids I always had dreams of being a footballer. This was probably my last and only chance of getting close to the real thing.

"My character, Jimmy works in a brewery filling beer barrels. He works hard, likes a pint and is a pretty good footballer.

"I only get about six goals but they have to be carefully set up so that the camera knows where the action is going to be.

"We tried to be as realistic as possible but there was one 'take' when the goalie was not very popular. I put the ball in the net but the goalie saved it. Everybody started shouting at him - 'What did you save it for'!"

(Carlton/Central press release for Sharpe)

"It is a dream part...If you could think of a part that you'd like to play, could write yourself and include all the things you want to do in a film, this is it!

"With When Saturday Comes, I am doing something I care very deeply for, that is a lot more authentic than a big multi-million pound blockbuster.

"The part of Jimmy Muir is closer to myself than other parts, obviously, but to me, it's the sort of thing I know I've got to make a good job of because it's where I'm from, there's more pressure to get it right.

"If I don't, I might as well give up acting!"

(The Weekly News, February 3, 1996)

On filming at Bramall Lane during a real-life match between Sheffield United and Manchester United:

James Daly: "We came on at half time and...."

Bean butts in: "...took penalties, yeah. Thirty thousand people. And you see the Kop, full. That's real."

Interviewer: And how did you feel about running on in your Sheffield Utd strip and trying for a goal?

"I were shitting me'self," Bean says frankly. "I could see the clock ticking and I thought, bloody hell. Once I got on I were ok, it felt good."

Daly interjects: "Before he took the first kick I said...."

Bean: "'Don't miss!' I'm like [whispers] bollocks! I got a great reception though. They're all going: BEAN-O! BEAN-O!"

He raises both fists and swivels from the waist, wearing an idiot's grin.

"The fans were great: 3,000 turned up one night, just to keep shifting around for background, cheering and that."

(The Sunday Review) Independent on Sunday 18 February 1996

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