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In this blockbuster, six hour, $40 million sequel to Gone With the Wind, Scarlett (now played by Joanne Whalley) is spurned by family and society, but wants only to regain the love of her husband Rhett (Timothy Dalton). However, the charming hero rejects her again and again. In one dramatic sequence, Rhett saves Scarlett from drowning, only to be drawn passionately into her arms, but in the morning the handsome hero is gone. Scarlett retreats in anguish, carrying Rhett's child, to her family home in Ireland. She finds love with a ruthless English Earl (Sean Bean) and a warm welcome thousands of miles from southern society.

Later, Rhett arrives in Ireland with his new wife and Scarlett, heartbroken once again, retreats to London with the Earl of Fenton. It seems that the two greatest lovers in cinema history are doomed to be apart.

Scarlett features 200 actors in speaking roles (plus more than two thousand extras) and took six months to film on location on both sides of the Atlantic. The shooting schedule began in the UK on 09 January 1994; continued in the state of South Carolina in the US from the end of March until late April; and finished in Ireland, where the cameras rolled from mid-May until 23 June 1994.


Joanne Whalley-Kilmer
Timothy Dalton
Barbara Barrie
Stephen Collins
Annabeth Gish
George Grizzard
Julie Harris
Melissa Leo
Esther Rolle
Jean Smart
Elizabeth Wilson
Paul Winfield
Sean Bean
John Gielgud
Colm Meaney

Scarlett O'Hara
Rhett Butler
Ashley Wilkes
Anne Hampton
Henry Hamilton
Eleanor Butler
Sally Brewton
Aunt Eulalie
Big Sam
Belle Watling
Lord/Earl of Fenton
Pierre Robillard
Father Colum O'Hara


Produced by

RHI Entertainment
John Erman

Directed by
From the novel by
Production Design
Costume Design
Film Editors

Music by
Running time

John Erman
William Hanley
Alexandra Ripley
Tony Imi
Rodger Maus
Marit Allen
Malcolm Cooke
Keith Palmer
John W. Wheeler
John Morris (II)
360 minutes (1994)
13 November 1994 (CBS)
4-part, 8-hour mini-series



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