Ronin - Sean Talks About "Spence"

Last Update: 18 October 1998

Text from People Magazine

 Sean at the Venice Film Festival (vidcap by Sarah in France)
"There are people today that are wanderers, that don't have a cause any longer," contends British actor Sean Bean, 39 (GoldenEye, Anna Karenina). "They were part of a political organization or government organization that is no longer required and therefore their services are not required any more. So what do they do next? The character that I play is partly like that. He did have a purpose, he belonged somewhere, [and now] he doesn't belong anymore."

Bean's character, military and munitions expert Spence, is the most affected by the danger of the job. Simultaneously exhilarated and apprehensive, he constantly challenges De Niro's character in a misguided attempt at one-upmanship. "I think it's a realization that he's not really prepared for what's happening. He talks a good fight, brags about his capabilities -- how he's an expert in weapons, an expert in military procedure, but when it actually comes to the crunch and he sees people actually getting shot he's absolutely terrified. He's been through this experience before, the horror of it, the smell. And it gets him."

Castmembers and Director John Frankenheimer in Venice
(vidcap by Sarah in France)

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