Over the Hills and Far Away: The Music of Sharpe

Last Update: 14 November 1998
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Sean provides a narrative during the Overture on this CD (available from Virgin).

Over the Hills & Far Away - The Music of Sharpe
Featuring Original Music from the ITV Series by John Tams and 
Dominic Muldowney.

 1. The Overture
    a) Sharpe's Theme
    b) Prelude
 2. I'm Ninety-Five
 3. Over the Hills and Far Away
 4. The Spanish Sword
 5. Rogue's March
 6. The Collier Recruit
 7. a) The Bird in the Bush
    b) The Colours
 8. The Spanish Bride
 9. The Shilling
10. Gentleman Soldier
11. Bugle Call/Moneymusk
12. Broken-hearted I will Wander
13. Badajoz
14. The Rambling Soldier
15. a) The Huntsman's Chorus
    b) The Italian Song
16. Johnny is Gone for a Soldier
17. The Forlorn Hope
18. Love Farewell
19. Sunset
20. a) Sharpe's Song
    b) Sharpe's Theme

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