Sharpe's Challenge - Interviews

Last Update: 06 April 2006

Sharpe creator: Bernard Cornwell

Bernard Cornwell visited the set of SHARPE’S CHALLENGE in Rajasthan, and he explains, “It’s a treat for me to visit the set, I’m there in a purely supportive role. Sharpe is Sean’s character now, he is the perfect Sharpe. Sean is the best thing to ever happen to Sharpe and I believe Sharpe is good for Sean too.
“I’m really pleased he agreed to come back for more, it’s great to see the characters come to life. In fact the television adaptations often improve my books, so I’m happy for them to do as they like.”
“I always think Sean plays villains so well and Sharpe is a villain - but he’s on our side, so he’s our villain."

Production Notes (click on the links):
Sean Bean is Richard Sharpe
Padma Lakshmi is Madhuvanthi
Toby Stephens is William Dodd
Daragh O’Malley is Patrick Harper
Behind-the-Camera Fact File
The Producer: Malcolm Craddock
The Producer: Muir Sutherland
The Creator: Bernard Cornwell
The Writer: Russell Lewis
The Sword Master: Richard Bonehill


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