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Last Update: 06 April 2006

The Producer: Malcolm Craddock

“Sharpe is a tough, decent, working class hero who looks after himself when he’s in a tight corner."

Producer Malcolm Craddock says: “Sharpe is a tough, decent, working class hero who looks after himself when he’s in a tight corner. Sean Bean loves this role and the character fits him like a glove. It’s unlike anything else on TV.
“This Sharpe film has a richer texture than those we have made before. From the beginning we wanted to make a show that wasn’t just all boys’ own action adventure and derring-do. We wanted to show the civilisation and culture of India, the spirituality and the domestic life; the court of an Indian prince; the position of women at the time; the importance of religion and sooth-sayers. We tried to capture the experience that is India. The incredible light, the stunning locations negotiated with Indian princes, palaces with jewelled ceilings and grand fortresses.
“From the start we knew after such a long break we must up the ante, and India has proved the perfect location. In many ways India has been one of the easier locations to film in, apart from lack of hotel rooms in such a popular part of the world and the stomach problems! We have been thrilled by the quality of workmanship, reliability of extras and kindness of people in general. India was a lesson in life for us all.”

Production Notes (click on the links):
Sean Bean is Richard Sharpe
Padma Lakshmi is Madhuvanthi
Toby Stephens is William Dodd
Daragh O’Malley is Patrick Harper
Behind-the-Camera Fact File
The Producer: Malcolm Craddock
The Producer: Muir Sutherland
The Creator: Bernard Cornwell
The Writer: Russell Lewis
The Sword Master: Richard Bonehill


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