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Last Update: 21 Jan 2006
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London, the Isle of Man and North Devon provide the backdrop to the $12 million indie thriller The Dark.

Based on the novel "Sheep," by Simon Maginn, The Dark stars Sean Bean and Maria Bello.

In a last-ditch attempt to pull her family back together, New Yorker ADELLE travels with young daughter SARAH to Wales – to see Sarah’s father JAMES and try and patch their lives back together in the surroundings of an old cliff-top farmhouse.

But Adelle’s worst nightmares are realized when, days into the trip, Sarah is tragically swept out to sea, pulled into the dark depths despite Adelle’s desperate attempts to save her.

While James leads the search for Sarah’s body, a guilt-ridden Adelle is haunted by visions and traces of her daughter - its almost as if Sarah is trapped somewhere in the house itself.

Learning of an ancient local legend of a place called THE DARK – an ethereal land of the dead that is a distorted mirror image of the real world – Adelle becomes convinced that Sarah is trying to communicate to her from THE DARK.

When she finds a strange, scared little girl in Sarah’s bed, Adelle is sure this girl EBRILL is the key to getting her daughter back. For the legend dictates that the dead can be returned from THE DARK if a sacrifice is made – one of the living for one of the dead. And if this girl is who she says she is, she died over 60 years before..  

Unfortunately, all James can see in his wife is a woman on the very edge of sanity – to him, the girl Ebrill is a runaway, nothing more.

Sean on location at
Port Erin Beach, Isle of Man
(08 July 2004)
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(Thanks Pam!)

However, when local farmer LEWYN recognizes Ebrill from his childhood 60 years before, Adelle knows her suspicions are true. She makes the ultimate leap of faith – throwing herself into the ocean, and into THE DARK itself, to get her daughter back.

The Dark is directed by Canadian John Fawcett (Ginger Snaps) and produced by Jeremy Bolt and Paul Anderson’s Impact Pictures, and financed by Constantin Film in Germany.

Rehearsals began June 14, 2004 for one week, with principal photography beginning June 21, for 10 weeks, at London's Ealing Studios, on location in the Isle of Man at Eary Cushlin, Ballahowlin, and White Beach, and in North Devon at Hartland Quay.

Principal photography finished on Sunday, August 8.








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Sean Bean
Maria Bello
Abigail Stone
Sophie Stuckey
Maurice Roeves
Ricard Elwyn




Produced by

Psychological chiller

Impact Pictures
Constantin Film

International Sales

Constantin Film, Summit Entertainment

Production Company

Impact Pictures / Constantin Film

Executive Producer

Jeremy Bolt
Robert Kulzer
Robert How

Directed by
Adapted for the screen by
Based on the novel Sheep by

John Fawcett
Stephen Massicotte, Paul Tamasy
Simon Maginn

Casting Director
Director of Photography
Production Design
Costume Design
Casting Director (UK)
Film Editor

Running time
Release Dates

Premiere Screenings

Robin Ray
Christian Sebaldt
Eve Stewart
Ffion Elinor
Suzanne Smith
Sarah Monzani
John Rodda
Chris Gill

93 minutes
DVD Region 1 (11 April 2006

25 & 26 Aug 2005 (Edinburgh Film Festival)
October 9th to 18th, 2005 (Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia)



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