Tom & Thomas

Last Update: 10 April 2001
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Tom & Thomas is the second feature and first English language motion picture by the acclaimed Dutch director Esmé Lammers. Her previous film, which she also wrote, entitled Long Live the Queen, drew much attention and success in 1995 and collected many awards internationally. These include the Cinekid Award in the International Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam in 1995, the Montgomery Award at the Chicago International Children's Festival, and the highly prized Golden Calf Award at the Dutch Film Festival in 1996.

Esmé Lammers now brings her writing and directing talents to the screen again with Tom & Thomas, a compelling children's film centred around the meeting of two young twins who had no knowledge of their shared parentage and their attempts to reunite with each other while at the same time foiling an illegal child smuggling operation.

Already cast in the leading adult male role is internationally acclaimed actor, Sean Bean, whose talents are well known from blockbusters such as Ronin, GoldenEye, the television series Sharpe and the upcoming Lord of the Rings. Introducing to the silver screen in the role of both Tom and Thomas is an incredibly talented young actor, Aaron Johnson, who was discovered after extensive searches throughout England for young twins and single actors.

Shooting has already commenced at locations in London and will continue in London and also at locations and studios in Amsterdam throughout the year. The expected date of release for Tom & Thomas is February 2002.

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