The Man from UNCLE

Last Update: 09 November 2000

  The June 1999 issue of Total Film Magazine (UK) reported the following on their "Rough Cut Rumours" page:

"It just had to happen. Mission Impossible, The Avengers, Austin Powers, The Mod Squad, Bond's Brosnonian makeover...Hollywood's preoccupation with revamping the '60s spy movie is still a-snowballing and the latest attempt could soon be with us. Its acronym: UNCLE, The Man from UNCLE."

"According to sources, Waterworld and Dudley Do-Right producer John Davis is working on transporting The Man From UNCLE into the present day. Although only at the first-draft stage, reports suggest Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin will be reborn alongside UNCLE's trademark gadgets (yay!) and bucketloads of humour (boo!). The original UNCLE worked well as a sly Bond-spoof, so the idea of resurrecting an 007 parody makes sense in this age of winking kitsch. Casting is still uncertain, but expect the likes of an Out of Sight-hyped George Clooney to replace Robert Vaughn as Napoleon and with the lack of a Russian lead, an effete Sean Bean as David McCallum's Illya. Cute guest spots from the original series are already in the bag."

Update 09 November 2000: Nothing new has been reported on this project.

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