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Wedded is a play looking at a couple whose marriage is shakey; the husband drives through the night, while the wife looks back and reflects on the state of their marriage. The wife's unusual way of dealing with the problems in her life is an obsessional interest in Shirley Bassey.

The play travels through their crisis, where they are unable to face an uncertain dawn.

Wedded was filmed over a three day period beginning 14 July 1990.






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Principal Characters

Sean Bean   Man
Lesley Sharp   Woman
Melanie Thaw   Girl


Production Credits


Production Company

  BBC2 Screen Play


  Paul Lister
Executive Producer   George Faber

Written by

  Jim Cartwright

Directed by

  Malcolm McKay

Running Time

  30 Minutes
Graphic Designer   Christine Buttner
Costume Designer   Christian Dyall
Makeup Designer   Suzanne Jansen
Sound Supervisor   John Delany

Transmission Date

  29 August 1990 


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