Bean on Silent Hill, Treasure 2


Bean on Silent Hill, Treasure 2
Boromir turns to videogames and more treasure hunts.
by Jeff Otto
09 Sep 2005
IGN FilmForce is in Toronto this week for an endless string of screenings and
interviews set around the Toronto Film Festival. Earlier today we spoke with
the cast of the upcoming thriller Flightplan. Sean Bean is getting to know
Toronto well, having spent recent months here shooting the videogame
adaptation, Silent Hill. Today, the man best known as Boromir from the
Lord of the Rings trilogy spoke to FilmForce about his work on Silent Hill and
rumors of a National Treasure sequel.
IGN FilmForce spent some time on the set of Silent Hill a few months back.
When asked if he's done shooting, Bean laughs. "No, no, I can't believe it. I
think I've got two days left in it. I think the beginning, they are having to
rethink the beginning, because of what happened in retrospect..."
Brotherhood of the Wolf helmer Christophe Gans is directing Silent Hill, which
should make for a very stylized look to the film. "Christophe Gans, this
wonderful director. He's a very bizarre kind, a very poetic sort of guy."
Silent Hill has been a long and intense shoot for Bean, but he wouldn't have
it any other way. "They're always intense. I think everything is quite intense
and that's the way it should be on things..."
When we spoke with Bean a few months ago, he admitted that he hadn't yet
played the game. Given a few more months on set, I asked him if he'd played
it by now. "No. (Laughs) I saw it in the shop the other day with one of my
daughters and I went, 'Wow, there's that game.' She said, 'Yeah, everybody's
heard of that.' I'm not very good with stuff like that, computers and games...
Just something I'm not very good at. My daughters, they know all about it,
which is quite good [for] our audience."
Outside of The Island, Bean has had a pretty good string of successes,
including last year's Bruckheimer opus, National Treasure. Recently, talk of a
sequel has started brewing. "There is some talk about that, yeah, doing a
sequel... Originally, I did get killed in the end and they sort of changed it
halfway through, which I was quite pleased about. And so, there is the
opportunity for a return... That would be good, to work with Nic Cage again
and John Turtletaub, who is a fantastic director and a great guy... A really
wonderful director who you can have a laugh with on the set... It was a very
pleasant experience working on that, so hopefully it will turn up again."


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