Sean Bean Talks About "North Country"


Sean Bean Talks About "North Country"
From Rebecca Murray,
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Sean Bean on Playing a Good Guy in "North Country:" After playing quite
a few villains in recent films, Bean gets the chance to sink his teeth
into the role of a decent man in "North Country," directed by Niki Caro
and starring Charlize Theron.
Bean said, "Yes, it’s quite a pleasant diversion for me. I’ve played a few bad
guys, as you probably know, in my time. It was quite refreshing just to play
someone who was a bit more sympathetic, a bit more sensitive, who felt
comfortable at home – being the man at home, the stay at home husband
but who wasn’t a wimp. Who was intelligent and courageous and supported
his wife through all the s**t she was going through, really."
Sean Bean on His Attraction to "North Country:" "Something like this, this
kind of script, I think everybody wants to do it because it’s such a
prestigious piece of work. When you think about the actors that are
involved, the director, and the script itself - the writer is a wonderful writer."
Bean isn't short on projects he can choose from and latched onto "North
Country" because it was something different from the norm. "I mean, this
one I really wanted to do it because of what it was, and the material, and
just the sheer prestige and the potential in the film. You know you fight for
things like that. That’s what I did. I fought for it and I got it."
"North Country" Tells a Story That's Both Compelling and Informative: "I think
it’s great when you can combine those two elements. It’s not very often
these days when you get that. It’s either very much entertainment – throw
a lot of money at a film and animate it or do something like that and
make a lot of money – or you just come out with something very dumbed
down. I think this film, considering it was made by Warner Bros - a studio,
I think it was a very courageous move by them to make almost an
independent film, which is very poignant, very well-balanced, very moving,
and a very brave decision to take."
Sean Bean on Working with Director Niki Caro: "She’s great on the set and
off the set. She brings things out in you that you didn’t realize were there.
She coaxes out the best in people. And, you know, she’s a wonderful
woman to actually speak to and get on with. Very, very charming, but
at the same time she’s got this quiet sort of authority. She knows
exactly what she wants and she gets it out of people."
Bean couldn't easily put his finger on exactly what it was that director
Caro was able to pull out of him. "Sometimes you can’t quite tell. Maybe
it’s sensitivity or it’s a compassion or something I’ve not portrayed before.
At the time you don’t actually realize it. But now, having seen the film, I
can see what she was trying to get out of me, what she was aiming for.
And that’s quite a pleasant surprise," explained Bean.
Playing Opposite Frances McDormand: "She was great. Frances is a very
down-to-earth, very gritty, very loving woman. I thought we had a great
partnership together. I thought we had a great chemistry. You know,
if there’s anyone in the film who gave me support, it was her. She was a
great leveler for me. She was a great foil. She was someone who really
raised my game and who I enjoyed working with immensely."
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