Movie Q&A: The Dark


Movie Q and A; The Dark.(Features)
Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 4/7/2006
So what's The Dark all about?
It's about a couple that have recently been separated who have a young
girl of about 12. My character, James, goes to live in Wales to sort of
start a new life. He's an artist so he just wants some space and time for
himself. There's a bit of a reunion in some way and then there's an awful
tragedy which happens quite early on in the film. It's got that general
feeling around the film - the themes of evil and darkness. I think it's
quite chilling and very haunted with a lot of ghosts. And weird things
happen with sheep!
Would you say it's a scary film?
When I first read it, I thought it was really scary. I started reading it
round 6pm and I was going to read the final bit in bed - but I thought
I had better read it the next morning instead. It was getting really scary
and weird.
How do you think audiences will react to The Dark?
It's gripping, and it's chilly. I was quite fascinated by it. It's that tragic
loss and paranoia and grief and the pain that goes with that. People
will be able to identify with it.
Does anything else scare you?
Flying used to scare the hell out of me - and I'm still a bit dodgy about
turbulence. Also, I keep getting stopped at airport security. Security people
just seem to think I'm a villain.
Didn't you once drive across New Zealand rather than get in a helicopter?
Yes, they wanted to fly us to a very remote location but Orlando Bloom and
I hired a car. It had been raining for several weeks and there was a massive
mudslide, which blocked the road we were driving on. We decided to go back,
but sure enough there was another mudslide so we were sort of trapped in the
middle of nowhere. We got found by this old woman who put us up for three
days. She took good care of, fed us, made sure we were comfortable. She was
Famously, you're a huge Sheffield United fan. But if it was a choice between
winning an Oscar or United winning the European Cup?
Oh United winning the cup. Definitely. No question about it.
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