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Source: The Independent
The 5-Minute Interview: Sean Bean, Actor
'I've been in a few punch-ups but I'm not a tough guy'
Published: 09 March 2007
Sara Newman
His big break came in 1993 in the BBC series, 'Sharpe'. Bean, 47, has played
a number of villains including Trevelyan in the 1995 James Bond film,
'Golden Eye'. He stars in 'Outlaw' by director Nick Love, in cinemas from 9 March
My character in Outlaw is...
Determined by what Nick [Love] created in the script. Bryant [the character]
has just returned from Iraq. He is floundering and disillusioned by what he
sees around him - lawlessness and a system that has failed him, coupled
with a family that has fallen apart and carrying the residue of what he has
seen over there.
The film is about violence but does not advocate violence because...
I don't think Nick advocates vigilante groups. It's a last resort. The characters
get a rush from it, a sense of excitement, achievement and self-respect. I've
been in a few punch-ups. People of my age - a lot of us have.
If I weren't talking to you right now I'd be...
Doing my house up. I'm just trying to rearrange the furniture. I moved
in about nine years ago but never really sorted it out.
A phrase I use far too often is...
"I'm not bothered any way". It's quite dismissive but I'm not bothered
any way. That's why I say it.
I wish people would take more notice of...
My films. No. Err. Each other. We should listen a bit more. I do it too.
I get my penny's worth in and end up not listening sometimes. The mark
of a good actor is one that can listen.
The most surprising thing that happened to me was...
Becoming an actor. I had no intention of being an actor. I was quite good
at it. I was pretty capable at other things but never any good at anything.
A common misperception of me is...
That I am a tough, rough northerner, which I suppose I am really. But
I'm pretty mild-mannered most of the time. It's the parts that you play
I guess. I don't mind it. I'm not a tough guy. I'd like to act as a fair,
easy-going, kind man at some point.
I am not a politician but...
I'm glad I'm not. I'm not too trusting of them. There have been some good
ones like Tony Benn. He's from the old school. I went to see him with my
Dad when he was in Yorkshire. My Dad's quite left wing and well read up
on stuff like that.
In a nutshell, my philosophy is this:
Listen to people and treat people as you find them. There's an inherent
goodness in most people. Don't pre-judge people - that was me Mam's
advice anyway.


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