Sean Bean Cancels Fourth Wedding....


Sean Bean cancels fourth wedding due to 'personal issues' just hours
before guests arrive
12th January 2008
Daily Mail

It was all set to claim its place in the celebrity history books as the first
showbiz wedding of 2008.
Friends and family were eagerly anticipating watching actor Sean Bean
tie the knot with a stunning actress almost 20 years his junior.
But they have been left reeling after the wedding was dramatically called
off – just 24 hours before it was due to take place.

VOLATILE RELATIONSHIP: Sean and Georgina on the red carpet last year
The shock move is the latest twist in Bean's turbulent relationship with
Georgina Sutcliffe, which 18 months ago left both of them bruised and
bleeding after a hotel room bust-up.
However, they appeared to have patched things up and were due to tie the
knot in a register office service at Old Marylebone Town Hall in Central
London earlier this month.
But then came the frantic round of last-minute phone calls to family and
close friends telling them that the wedding was off.
CHARISMA: Sean in his most famous role, as Sharpe

Yesterday, even the parents of the 48-year-old Sharpe and GoldenEye
star could not explain why the wedding – which would have been his
fourth – had been cancelled abruptly.
His 73-year-old father, Brian, said from the family home in Sheffield:
"I don't know why. He hasn't said anything to us."
Asked if there had been a fall out between the couple, who met in a
Soho bar where Miss Sutcliffe was working between acting jobs, he
replied: "I don't know. I expect to speak to him tonight."
Some of the 15 wedding guests had already travelled to London for the
ceremony, and were left stunned by the news.
One guest, who did not wish to be named, said: "It has come as a huge
shock to everyone. We were told the wedding was off at the last
minute and that it was because of personal reasons.
"Our first thought was that someone had died, but it seems it was a
personal matter between Georgina and Sean.
"We don't know what happened for sure but we assume there has been
one hell of an argy-bargy and that they called the whole thing off as a result."
Miss Sutcliffe's mother, Amanda, put a brave face on the cancellation, saying:
"They are not married yet but it is going ahead and obviously I shall be
going. I can't say any more."
Miss Sutcliffe told The Mail on Sunday the big day had been postponed
because of "personal issues".
The 29-year-old, who has had minor roles in a handful of TV dramas, said:
"So what? We've just rescheduled because of personal issues and
work commitments. I'm not going to tell you any more."

Sean with first wife Debra on their wedding day
Asked whether the late cancellation would cost them thousands of pounds,
she said: "We have not lost money, when you cancel something that
means money is taken off, not when you reschedule.
"Sean and I have just got back from Rome and I'm absolutely shattered.
He's here with me at the moment. It was a wonderful holiday. We do
intend to get married shortly."
Miss Sutcliffe declined to give the new wedding date or to comment on
whether there was anyone else involved in their decision.
The cancellation was so last-minute that champagne, and even the wedding
cake, had been delivered to Brown's Hotel in Mayfair for the lavish reception.
The couple had planned to spend the night at the hotel's £3,000-a-night
honeymoon suite and Bean's three daughters – Lorna, 20, Molly, 17, and
Evie, nine – were all expected to be there.
Another guest said: "There have been some rather awkward phone calls.
Georgina was all ready for the wedding and was spending a couple of
days with a girlfriend before the big day.
"She was excited and had plans to have her hair and make-up done. And
then something went awfully wrong and the whole thing was called off.
"The next thing we knew was that Sean and Georgina were making calls
saying the wedding was off.
"They do have a very up-and-down relationship, so we are all assuming
they had a big row and decided they didn't want the wedding."
Yesterday there was no sign of Bean or Miss Sutcliffe at their £2million
townhouse in Belsize Park, North London.
The couple have been dating for two turbulent years.
Last summer, Georgina spotted Sean apparently flirting with a female guest
at the prestigious Cartier Polo event and launched an abusive verbal attack
on the star.
They also fell out in July 2006 when security staff were called to Bean's
suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles.
The hotel's incident book recorded: "Ms Sutcliffe had numerous bruises
on her upper body, face and scratches on her legs."
Bean was also left bleeding from scratches to his face and arms.
A spokesman for the star last night declined to comment.
Bread actress Melanie Hill in 1995
The three women who DID get Sharpe down the aisle
Sean Bean married first wife, Sheffield hairstylist Debra, when he was 19.
His second wife, Melanie Hill, played Aveline in the sitcom Bread.
They were together for 16 years, married for eight, and had two daughters,
Lorna, now 20, and Molly, 17. They divorced when Bean allegedly had an
affair with a barmaid.
Bean soon married Abigail Cruttenden, who played his wife in ITV's
Sharpe. They had a daughter, Evie, nine years ago but split just months later.
With Sharpe co-star Abigail Cruttenden in 1997


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