An explanation of Bramall Lane:

(This is from Simon at BIFA [The Blades Independent Fans Association]:)

The Kop end is the end of the ground where most of the younger and nuttier United fans go. It used to be a terrace stand where people had to stand up to watch the match, but they made it into an all-seater stand three years ago. This is the stand that Sean sits in.

This is the stand that produces most of the singing and noise at games, and is the stand that can be seen at the end of the film when Sean takes the winning penalty.

The shots for this penalty were actually taken during the half time interval of a cup match between Sheffield United and Manchester United, when the ground was full and in good mood as we were drawing with Manchester, who are the best team in the country.

The Kop is actually situated on the Shoreham Street side of the ground. The name Kop is actually short for Spion Kop and was first used by Liverpool fans for their main terrace stand. Other clubs used the name for their main home terrace at the goal end of their ground, so quite a few clubs have Kop ends.

The name Spion Kop came from a battle in the Boer War, when a Liverpool regiment fought over a hill called Spion Kop (I think, but don't quote me on this!).



Fags: Cigarettes

Fixtures: Football (soccer) games

Footy: Football (soccer)

Glasgow kiss: An act of violence in which the head of one opponent is inflicted upon a bodily part belonging to another opponent - usually the nose. (what Harper did to Hakeswill in Sharpe's Company)

Keepy-uppy: Keeping the soccer ball in the air, bouncing it off alternate knees.

Kit: Outfit, clothing

Page Three Girls: Topless models featured on Page 3 of one of the British tabloid papers.

Peter Sutcliffe: The Yorkshire Ripper - a serial killer currently in jail in England.

Shagging (to shag): To have sex with.

Shilling: old UK currency (pre-decimalization). Replaced by the 5 pence piece - there are currently 20 of them in one UK pound = 100 pence. Old shillings were 12 pence, 20 in a pound = 240 pence.

Sideboards: Sideburns

Strip, Blades strip: The uniform the players wear.

Trainers: Running shoes.


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