Double-oh no! Sean's a wimp with comic cut

Daily Record
Glasgow, Scotland
31 January 1996

Bond baddie Sean Bean has been turned into a speccy nerd ... and he's delighted.

The star takes on the role of Peter Pilkington in a photo love story he suggested to the adult comic, Viz.

Peter's losing interest in his girlfriend and goes for a film star haircut to make him look sexy.

Ten minutes later he finds himself changed into tough-guy actor Sean Bean.

But the new-look Peter finds his new hunky image can be a pain.

One woman remembers him as gamekeeper Mellors in TV's Lady Chatterley's Lover and gets him to dig her garden.

And when the man who plays 006 in the Bond film GoldenEye suggests Martinis "shaken not stirred" to a girl in a pub, he's punched by a jealous boyfriend.

Disillusioned, Peter returns to the barber's to get back his original haircut and tries to patch it up with his old girlfriend ... but she's fallen for the real Sean Bean.

A Viz spokesman said: "He did it for free, although I suppose a pint changed hands."

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