I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Division One!

Source: Nottingham Evening Post
09 May 2003

Actor Sean Bean will be keeping up to date with his beloved Sheffield United
throughout the play-offs and is confident Neil Warnock's side will see off
The Lord of the Rings star was at the Blades game at Watford on Sunday
and believes his team have a great chance of booking their place in the top
flight. But he won't be at the City Ground for tomorrow's match as he is
filming on location in Malta.
He said: "I think we have an excellent chance. We have played really
well at times and got some great results, particularly in the cups.
"Neil has got a strong squad and I think we have got as good a chance as
Bean, who starred as a Sheffield United player in the 1995 film When
Saturday Comes, was taking a break from the filming of Troy, which will
also take him to Turkey.
He said: "It's a shame but I haven't been able to go much this season
because I have been doing a lot of theatre work and have been on stage
in Saturday matinees most of the time.
"Hopefully, next season I will be able to go a bit more often and it would
be fantastic if the team was playing Premiership football."
He believes travelling to Nottingham for the first leg will help his side as
the atmosphere at Bramall Lane for the second leg will lift the players.
He said: "The support at our place is fantastic and the team seem to react
to that like they did when we played Sunderland, Leeds and Liverpool."


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