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16 May 2004
Interview with Karen Hockney
All-action actor Sean Bean battled Orcs in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Now, in his new movie Troy, he fights Trojan warriors.
But when it comes to finding lasting love, the hunky star is left waving the
white flag. At 45 and with three failed marriages behind him, he's single and
admits he's happier that way.
"I'm not really attached to anyone now," he says. "I'm single and quite
content. I lead a nomadic lifestyle with work but it's not difficult because I'm
not in a long-term relationship at the moment."
"It's hard for people from all walks of life having periods of time apart, not
just for actors. But you choose your career and it takes you to different parts
of the world and you just cope with it. It's not ideal but I quite enjoy it now.
I've got used to it. I'm not lonely."
But that still doesn't mean he's given up on finding Miss Right.
"I'd like to meet someone one day though," he adds.
Even though he suffers no shortage of admirers, he's modest about his
sex-symbol image.
"I'm flattered, of course, but it isn't something that enters my head, I spend
most of my time with colleagues, family or friends and work is rarely
mentioned so I don't really have to deal with it at all," he says.
In Troy, which opens next week, he plays Odysseus, mentor to fellow
heart-throb Brad Pitt's character Achilles. He also teams up again with his
Lord of the Rings co-star Orlando Bloom.
And there's one role he's always keen to embrace - playing dad to his daughters
Lorna, 15, and Molly, 11, from his marriage to Playing the Field actress Melanie
Hill and five-year-old Evie, from his third marriage to Sharpe co-star Abigail
"I see them quite a bit but there's such a big age gap that finding something
they all want to do is hard. The gap gets bigger as they get older. I don't
know if they want to follow in my footsteps but they are quite musically
minded and I encourage that."
"It's great being able to play the piano and guitar like they can. I'm keen
they get a good education because I didn't. It's my big regret. I'm behind
them whatever they want to do but I did other jobs before becoming an actor.
I'm glad I did because it gives you an insight into the real world. I'd never
argue against an acting career because I've done all right out of it."
Sean has a Hollywood movie called National Treasure, starring Nicholas Cage,
out later this year. He also provides the voice of a lion in BBC1 film Pride,
with Helen Mirren and Kate Winslet. He remains grateful for the breaks
that put him on the A-list.
"Sometimes you pick things other people have declined and get your break
that way," he says.
"You might not be first choice and that's fine. That happened to me with
Sharpe and Lord of the Rings and it paid off."
He still can't forget the phone call telling him he had got the coveted role of
Boromir, the tortured warrior in the first part of the blockbusting trilogy.
"I was with my two eldest kids driving home down the M1 when I got the call,"
remembers Sean, who lives in Hampstead, North London.
"I was over the moon, I could hardly keep control of the car. It was a great
feeling because it had gone backwards and forwards for a while but then I
knew I had it."
"A film like that benefits everyone involved with it and you do find there's
more choice available and more interest in you afterwards."
Work frequently takes Sean to America. But he still has a strong Sheffield
accent and isn't tempted to live there full-time.
"I've thought about being out there but I have really strong links over here,"
he says. "I quite like Los Angeles and I spend a lot of time there when I'm
promoting something. But I'm put up in nice hotels so I don't see the need
for me to live there full-time. It's an odd place and I didn't like it at first
but I've got used to it now. I really like my house, my mates and my
social life in London and I wouldn't want to give that up."
Meanwhile, all his contentment aside, Sean's career shows no signs of
slowing down just yet.
"For the last two years I've been working on projects I enjoy but I'm not
back-to-back with films and I don't want to be because you've got to have a
little bit of uncertainty and excitement. I'm pretty comfortable as far as
future work is concerned and financially I can do the things I want to do,
which is a fortunate position to be in."
"I just hope I keep working but I'm lucky that I don't feel I have to work
too hard in the future! I'm actually looking forward to slowing down a bit.
Saying that, though, one of my dreams is to get a place in the South of
France, so I'll have to keep doing the blockbusters!"
(Thanks to Anne H. for the text.)


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