We ad to 'ave Sean

Source: Daily Star
17 June 2004
Movie hunk Sean Bean is Britain's most wanted telly ad voice over star -
because viewers trust his gruff Yorkshire accent.

The classically-trained Sheffield-born actor - who refuses to shed his
accent - has proved he really is Lord of the Rings by landing a megabucks
deal to promote O2 mobile phones.

And company bosses say sales have rocketed.

They claim his Tyke tones come across as more trustworthy than southern

He's also done voice overs for superstores Morrisons, Safeway and Marks
and Spencers, the National Blood Transfusion Service, Cancer Research
UK, children's charity Barnardos...and in a recruitment ad for the Royal

An O2 sokesman says "Sean's voice fits the bill perfectly. Although we
don't say on the ad who is speaking, his voice is recognisable".
- Thanks to Sarah for typing this
(Read about some of Sean's tv ads here)


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