WHO is the sexiest British actor on the silver screen?

Source: Sheffield Today
17 June 2004
At the age of 45, Sheffield's own Sean Bean comes runner up for the
morale-boosting title, in a Sky Movies' poll.

Approaching middle age didn't seem to put the the female voters off the
South Yorkshire superstar, and he was only beaten to the number one
spot by Orlando Bloom.

Sean can boast of beating off competition from the dashing good looks of
Hugh Grant and Ewan McGregor and should feel no shame in coming
behind 27 year-old Orlando.

After all, Orlando is the name, face, body and mind whom most women
are seemingly looking to get a hold of at the moment and it is no surprise
that he received 32% of the vote.

Sean starred alongside Orlando in the epic trilogy "Lord of the Rings"
and this year's summer blockbuster "Troy".

Canterbury born and bred, Orlando, much like Sean, began his career
starring in theatre productions.

Orlando was greatly encouraged by his mother to pursue a life in acting,
whereas some members of Sean's family once saw his liking for the
stage as just a phase he was going through.

Both families were to be pleasantly surprised with the overwhelming
success that they achieved.

Orlando's role as "Legolas" in "Lord of the Rings" saw him as a skilled,
fast and brave Elf-Prince, where as those Byronic looks as "Paris", the
poet and lover in "Troy", took Orlando up to the heart-throb status where
he now stands proud.

Orlando's success and increasing number of fans, can only be set to rise
further, following his other hit films such as "Pirates of the Caribbean" and
"Black Hawk Down".

But Sheffield's own Mr Bean also deserves the title as one of the world's
biggest film stars alive.

The tattooed Sheffield United follower made his break into the big time
starring in films alongside Harrison Ford and Robert Di Niro.

From an early age though, his main love in life was football and he
dreamed of playing for the Blades.

Sean is most famous for playing many roles as the dastardly, yet
handsome, villain. Such roles include "Alec Trevalyan, Agent 006" in
"Goldeneye" and "Sean Miller" in "Patriot Games".

In 1993, Sean's role as gallant, Napoleonic hero "Sharpe" made him one
of the UK's most beloved TV personalities, and fans were attracted to his
sexy, yet rough around the edges persona.

The success of both Sean and Orlando goes well beyond looks of course;
both have achieved their passion in life with raw talent and endless hard work.

The two actors both stand out to be in a class of their own. Where Orlando
will turn the heads of young women out there, Sean still continues to be a


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