Kai full of beans as he meets star Sean

Kai full of beans as he meets star Sean
Sheffield Today
13 January 2005

LITTLE Kai Nesbitt is the happiest boy in Sheffield after making friends
with Hollywood heartthrob Sean Bean.

Kai, who has cerebral palsy, was dumbstruck when Sean paid him
a surprise visit at home.

But Kai's grandmother Mandy Nesbitt says the four-year-old quickly
got over his initial shock and now can't stop talking about Sean!

Mandy, aged 46, said: "Kai thinks they are best friends now and wants
to invite Sean to his birthday party next week!"

Mandy, who is a big fan of the Sheffield actor, paid £850 at the Help a
Hallam Child Auction for two tickets to the premiere of Sean's latest film
National Treasure.

After watching the film in London's Leicester Square she was taken to a
plush hotel where she met Sean and told him about Kai, a pupil at
Stradbroke Infants School.

Mandy said: "I told him Kai was a big fan of his and he signed Kai's
England football shirt.

"I told Sean that although Kai has cerebral palsy and needs splints to
walk he does not class himself as a poorly child.

"He collects his own money for poorly boys and girls. Even though I would
class him as a child who needs help he does not think he is one of them.

"I explained to Sean that Kai has already had some operations and will have
more in the future, but he is so brave."

Three weeks later Kai was at home with his mum Jaclyn, two-year-old sister
Caitlin, and Mandy when an unexpected visitor arrived.

Mandy, who lives next door to her 27-year-old daughter in Woodthorpe, said:
"It must have been about 7.45pm when there was a knock at the door and
Sean was there with a big bag of goodies for Kai.

"I couldn't believe it and Kai was speechless, which is saying something
because normally he never shuts up!

"Jaclyn couldn't believe she had a Hollywood star in her house!"

Sean had been to watch his beloved Blades play and dashed from Bramall
Lane to see Kai, even though he was already late for another appointment.

Sean's gifts to Kai included a football programme from the match, a signed
Sheffield United shirt, a Blades bear and a pennant signed by all the
footballers and Neil Warnock.

Mandy said: "He takes the stuff with him everywhere and tells everybody
what has happened. Before meeting Sean, Kai supported England and
Newcastle or anyone who was winning. Now he is the biggest Blades fan around!

"And now Kai says that when Sean gets too old to be in films he is going
to be the next Sean Bean!"

Mandy added: "I could not believe it. Sean was only in the city for 20 hours
so for him to take the time to come and see Kai was amazing. He has
made such a difference to Kai.

"Kai is writing him a thank-you letter and making him a Blades bracelet
out of beads. Sean has made him very happy.

"I spoke to Sean the next day and couldn't find the words to thank him
for what he had done. He told me he had enjoyed it and said Kai was a
'lovely little fella'."


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