Sheffield United

Last Update: 14 June 2007


Sean Leads Protest to Houses of Parliament (13 June 2007)
Sean Launches New Book (01 Dec 2006)
Blades Fan Nets Day Out With Sean (12 August 2003) (Lunch with Sean)
Sheffield United Training Academy (30 August 2002) (Sean officially opens the academy)
Sean joins the Board of Directors of Sheffield United Football Club (08 April 2002)
Sheffield United Hall of Fame (21 December 2001) (Sean officially opens the Hall of Fame)
Jimmy Hagan Statue Unveiling (19 January 2001) (Sean is a guest at the statue unveiling)
Sheffield United Plaque (30 June 1995) (Sean unveiled a plaque in Norfolk Row, in the centre of
Sheffield, on the spot where Sheffield United Football Club was formed in 1889)



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