The Vicar of Dibley - The Book and the Videos

Last Update: 01 February 2001
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The Book...

Dibley is a village in need of a new vicar and Geraldine Granger is that woman - "a babe with heaving bosoms". Meet the parishoners and fall in love with Dibley as the scripts of the television programme are published here in a "prayer-book" format.

384 pages (2 November 2000)
Michael Joseph
ISBN: 0718144759

The book features the scripts from the television programs (including Spring, the episode Sean appears in), as well as pencil sketches and a posed photo (below) of Sean and Dawn French (Geraldine) from the "wedding".

Photo credit: BBC Television

The Videos...

PAL Format

The Vicar Of Dibley - The New Christmas Specials

Features the episodes Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

PAL format
Cat. No. 0740413 (VISION VIDEO LTD.)
Released 27th Nov 2000


NTSC Format

The Vicar of Dibley - Series 6

Features the episodes Spring and Summer 

NTSC format (US and Canada)

ASIN: B00004W21W (BBC videos)

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