Courtney Love will not be playing opposite Sean Bean

Last Update: 08 January 2003
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On January 3, the following story was syndicated by the World Entertainment News Network:

Love's Bizarre Antics at Strummer Funeral

Rock widow Courtney Love upset friends and family of late punk rocker Joe Strummer with some extreme behavior at his funeral service.

The singer and actress turned up at the West London funeral of the former Clash singer on Monday only to be refused entry to the private crematorium.

When she was eventually let in, after much protestation, Love horrified onlookers by throwing herself on the coffin, and was pulled off by British TV presenter Mark Lamaar and Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde.

A source says, "Joe's family and friends looked on horrified. It was as if she was trying to upstage everybody.

"Even when she was outside, she made sure everyone was looking at her, waving her umbrella in front of her face every so often."

Love, 38, appeared with Strummer in the 1987 film Straight To Hell and is in London to take over the role of Lady Macbeth at the Albery Theater alongside Sean Bean.

"London Calling" singer Strummer died at age 50 on December 23 in Somerset from a heart attack.

In fact, Courtney Love is set to star in Miss June, a film adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Here's the story from The Guardian:

Courtney Love to play Lady Macbeth

Staff and agencies
Tuesday August 20, 2002

Courtney Love is to star as Lady Macbeth in a new adaptation of Shakespeare's Scottish play, she has said.

The widow of Nirvana vocalist Kurt Cobain, and former rock star, told her official website she had signed to play the contumelious Scottish noblewoman for producer Luc Besson.

First-time director Vincent Regan will take charge of Miss June, which will also feature Peter Mullen.

It will be Love's first major role since her 1996 appearance in The People Vs Larry Flynt, in which she played the junkie wife of Woody Harrelson's Hustler porn pioneer. She also featured in 1999's Man in the Moon alongside Jim Carrey.

The singer and actor, currently involved in a dispute with the former members of her late husband's band Nirvana over unreleased material, says she fought off competition from a number of Oscar-winning actors to win the role.

Besson currently has a remarkable nine films which he is either producing, co-producing or executive producing for a 2003 release, including an English language version of his action comedy Taxi, so fans of the Bard should perhaps not hold their breath.

Update: 08 January 2003

The following story appeared on on 06 January 2003:

Courtney Love Manager Calls UK Story "Crap"

Jim Barber, the manager of Courtney Love, has branded a story about Courtney that ran in the UK press over the weekend as "Crap".

The story reports bizarre behaviour by Courtney at the funeral of The Clash's Joe Strummer. Barber tells Undercover News "She was in fact at the funeral because, uh, she was friends with Joe Strummer and had worked with him in films. Funny how they leave that part out as well".

The scandalous story published by English syndicator WENN claimed Courtney Love horrified the family and friends of Joe Strummer at his funeral by "throwing herself on the coffin".

The story only uses quotes from unnamed sources and alleges Courtney was initially refused admission to the private crematorium. "Definitely crap" Barber tells Undercover.

The friendship of Courtney Love and Joe Strummer goes back to 1987 when the pair both starred in the movie 'Straight To Hell'. The movie is about a gang of bankrobbers with a suitcase of loot holding out in the desert. Love played Velma, Strummer played Simms. It is classified a comedy / western.

The UK story also announced that Love was in the UK to star alongside Sean Bean in the stage production of Lady MacBeth. "She's in no way doing the theatre thing either. Completely 100% made up" says Barber.
By Paul Cashmere

Macbeth - starring Sean Bean and Samantha Bond - will run until March 1, 2003 at the Albery Theatre in London, with a one week break February 2-9.



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